Mohawk College Strategic Mandate Agreement

Ontario`s Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities has asked each publicly funded college and university to identify three key priorities and explain how current and future initiatives support and drive the government`s vision for transforming post-secondary education in Ontario. The Ministry of Training, University and University will use these submissions to begin negotiations on new mandate agreements with each institution. These agreements are expected to advance future government decisions in key areas, including funding and program approval. Mohawk`s proposal for strategic mandates is our response to the government`s request. It sets out our vision and mandate, outlines our priorities and describes how we are improving productivity in a way that we believe will help the province advance its agenda for post-secondary education. Thanks to the remarkable efforts of our faculty and our employees, much of this work is already underway. The Ontario government is asking big questions about the future of post-secondary education. Mohawk has bold ideas.